Beer Cans on the Jones Falls Trail Under Hampden

2012-12-16 10.28.21It’s Sunday, time for another meeting of the Sunday Morning Hiking Club! Our member with a good sense of direction and the commitment to get us somewhere good was under the weather, though, leaving A., S., and I to our own devices. We didn’t go far, just heading to Hampden. After a couple of false starts we managed to get on a trail following the Jones Falls, which still runs through Baltimore, underneath all the streets and expressways named after it. It is wild down here, but you can never forget that you’re still just in Baltimore. There are the metal stakes marking something infrastructural and the ripped plastic bag bits hanging from the trees from the last time the water left its banks. And then there were these three beers, a perfect kind of trail magic, except that I’m not drinking that this early in the morning if it’s not Mardi Gras. We left one for the next group and continued along, saying our hellos to the dogs and nodding to the people before turning around and heading back to cars to take us to brunch. It was a lovely morning, even without the bikes, but I was happy to sneak a ride in, just down to the gym for a quick turn and then a flop in the pool. Wow, I’m just terrible at swimming. Add it to the list and keep practicing, I say. And then it was back on the bike and up the hill to home, gloves at home, unseasonably warm.

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