Tiny Canal at Meadow Mill at Clipper Mill Road & Union

Tiny Canal at Clipper Mill Road and UnionToday’s ride took me out first thing in the morning, down the hill and left to another swimming lesson, and wow but it was a totally different Baltimore from yesterday. Blues skies and bright sun, but I left my sunglasses at home. I squinted my way east, took the lane on Boston to keep the cars from trying to pass me (three feet people, three feet), and made it to the pool in 35 minutes. The ride back was considerably less annoying past rush hour, so I took my heavy-legged time, stopping for brunch before heading back up the hill to home. The sun was dimmer but the wind was picking up, and I found myself thinking, turn down the wind machine Baltimore, some of us are trying to ride our bicycles up the hill with the tired legs of the just-learning-to-swim already! A quick rest and then I was back on the bike following the directions in my mind to Meadow Mill for a second drum lesson. I think by my last lesson I’ll finally have a good route that way, but that’s Hampden for you,hard to get through, nowhere to go. And then I was on Clipper Mill Road as it ribboned next to water and warehouses with cars not even pretending to follow the 25 mph speed limit. I thought I was lost, so pulled over to check the map on m pocket computer cell phone. Nope, keep heading that way, and then I was there, but it looked completely different from last time I was here. That’s how I know I’m in a new neighborhood; won’t last long. After my lesson (if you want me to explain what made Ringo Starr so awesome for the history of drumming, you just let me know–I’ll see if I can spare some time from my review of the John Bonham Wikipedia page) I unlocked my bike and noticed the water running just to the side of the property. Is this part of the Jones Falls? Is it its own creek? Is it a canal? I have no idea, but I do know water’s sneaking everywhere under our feet. It’s so easy not to notice, but I swear, lean your head forward a bit and look left–water everywhere. Up the hill and down the other side and I was home, looking forward to a lazy evening on this second day of my vacation. So far things are going well.

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