The Ravens Game in a Living Room in Waverly

Watching the Game in a Waverly Living RoomOh, I wanted to ride my bicycle yesterday! I had a bunch of teensy errands to get done on different sides of town–the perfect time to ride a bicycle, in my book. I checked the weather and saw they were predicting steady 25mph winds with gusts at 55-60mph all day long–my very least favorite weather conditions of all–and, well, I decided to take my car. Sigh. It turns out you actually can do errands by car–who knew! I’m going to put that out of my head, though, because I’d really rather be on a bike. The winds were calm today, but it was chilly chilly and I was lazy lazy, so all I managed was the ten minute spin over to R. & A. to join friends for the Ravens game, which we watched in this warm living room, made warmer when somebody said, “Hey, let’s have a fire!” The team on the game and got a spot in the thing, we shared notes on family, and then I layered myself back up and rode the ten minutes home. Walking, it would have been too far. Driving, it would have been too big a hassle. Bicycling, yes, now that’s the thing, and with all those layers it didn’t even feel all that cold. I’m so glad I took the bike out today–it was lovely to sit in a room full of people who love each other, and even though I don’t know any of them all that well, I know that feeling, and it was good to be in it tonight.

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