Beers on a Bar in Fells Point at Broadway & Aliceanna

Drinks on a Bar in Fells Point at Aliceanna & BroadwaySunday’s ride took me over to Waverly to meet friends for a drive to Leakin Park before taking the bike back down the hill for a quick swim. Wow, swimming is hard and wonderful. And then it was game time. I had a coupon for a chain restaurant in Fells Point, so I biked over there and grabbed the last spot at the bar, ordering up something they called “pizza” and a beer. And then a second beer, because the Miller Lite Girls were there in tight bedazzled v-neck t-shirts handing out free beers. I watched the game in a row of men. The ones on my right were talking about  a guy’s new girlfriend–apparently she’s petite, likes to smoke weed, and actually *wanted* to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 3D–a total keeper. After talking about their feelings about some other event in their lives, the guy on the end requested the rest of them “take your tampons out” so they could just watch football. I ordered an uncharacteristic third beer, and by the fourth quarter I’d struck up conversations with all of them, mostly about football and how I love the Saints and that I wish it was baseball season, and then we won the game, everybody settled up and left in good cheer, and sober again, I rode my bike back up the hill to home. Oh, sports, you are so complicated and I love and hate you. Biking for transport, however–that’s a no-brainer, but watch out for drunk drivers on Sundays in January. And Go Ravens!

2 thoughts on “Beers on a Bar in Fells Point at Broadway & Aliceanna

  1. “take out your tampons girls” is just an amazingly weird thing to say. It is going to take some time for me to figure out what is behind that comment beyond the obvious.

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