Blooming Daffodil in the Traffic Circle at Harbor East

Blooming Daffodil at Harbor EastThis past weekend was just ridiculously warm, totally out of character for a January in Baltimore. I mean, S. rode her bike at night in nothing but a sweatshirt, and she’s a baby when it’s cold out. Today was much, much colder, though, so I layered up, put my hat and gloves on, and prepared for the weepy eyes from the freezing breeze in my face as I roll down the hill. I pedaled down the emptied-by-the-holiday streets, took my left toward Canton, and worked up the heat that makes layers make sense. A quick swim lesson–Rob says he’s “excited about my kick”–and it was time to head back toward the harbor for food and a marathon syllabus writing session. On my way around the Harbor East traffic circle, I noticed this daffodil blooming. Too soon, too soon! What have we done! It can’t last long, this poor little flower and its neighboring friends, because it’s about to get cold, cold, cold. And then I drank coffee and stared at my computer and books for hours and voila! Another shiny new syllabus for the next semester that’s just around the corner and then a ride back up the hill, a reward rather than the punishment of having to get in a car.

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