Empty Theater at Orleans & N. Johnson


I know, I know, I’m a broken record, but wow, what a beautiful day for a bike ride in New Orleans. Today’s my last day in the city before heading north to the frozen tundra that is Spring classes, and I spent most of it on N.’s bike. I first rode into the Marigny to meet R. and A. for brunch at the third outpost of that restaurant I think of as where I met D. and M. and S. for the first time~I knew from that first morning that they would all be bosom friends that morning, and I was right; today, same sort of friends, same sort of restaurant, and iit was just a perfect start to a day that then took my to Mid-City to see M.~an unannounced bike-by from the olden days. I pedaled back toward the Quarter along Orleans. I remember when they repaved that street, such a dream, and today it was a respite from the truly awful New Orleans infrastructure. My god, iron your streets! I snapped this picture of an empty building that looks like it used to be a theater. I think the sign is smaller now, but I will have to check the ol’ archive. So much has changed around here~new public housing, new asphalt, newness, but not at this spot and the others where there’s so much blight. It reminds me of Baltimore. A walk through the Quarter for a dog parade and more friends and then I was riding Uptown on the old route to see R. and then S. The fork is still embedded in the street at Baronne and Jackson, the cow’s still there, Muses looks lived-in, and we are still being exhorted to be the change we wish to see in the world. it was a lovely ride, lovely stops, and a perfect vacation. I’m not going to lie, though: I’m looking forward to going home in the morning, if only to get a break from my vacation schedule. Thank you, New Orleans, as always.

6 thoughts on “Empty Theater at Orleans & N. Johnson

  1. Haven’t read your blog since last years mardi gras trek, I only care about New Orleans, close minded. The carver theater is suppose to start rehab in the next two weeks. The sign was taller, so tall and bent that Isaac made it unsafe, so the people who originally did the sign cut it in half and have it to restore it for when it reopens.

  2. Kate, you really know how to make the most of your time everywhere. So many friends, so little time but you will be back to NOLA again. Glad you enjoyed the ride!

  3. the sign IS shorter – it was the CARver theater… the CAR fell off not too long ago after some storm or something. i remember looking at it every day as i ride my scooter down orleans to my first dog walk of the morning, always appreciating that awesome sign. the CAR started to lean and eventually was pretty folded over and then i guess at some point it either fell off or they removed it, not sure which. i just noticed one day that it was just the VER remaining. so you were right.

    http://www.carvertheater.org/index.html for more info about the theater. i wonder what ever happened to the planned revitalization?

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