Club Orpheus Sign at Pratt & Exeter

Club Orpheus Sign at Pratt & ExeterSaturday’s ride took me down the hill against the Baltimore wind machines for a dip in the pool. I do this ride so often that it just feels like home, like that old ride from the Garden District up to Tulane when I lived in New Orleans–same streets, same houses, same potholes and traffic patterns every day, but every day it is a little bit different in the ride. This day’s ride was frustrated by surprising traffic–where’s everybody going on a Saturday, man? Get off my downtown streets! I swam my same laps and then got on the bike to take the same ride home. I stopped on the corner of Pratt to wait for traffic and snapped this picture of the sign hanging outside Club Orpheus. I pass this place all the time, but never during the day, so in my mind it’s always closed, like a lot of things in this city. Nope–it’s a nightclub boasting a mesmerizing lights and lasers and strobes; it hosts theme nights, including their 1st Saturday “furry rave night” called PAWZ and a variety of goth, industrial, electronic, darkwave, neo-medieval, and more types that I don’t understand, an excellent reminder of how many different ways people are spending the time that I never see. Takes all kinds, yes indeed. And then I pedaled back up the hill to home, another round trip in the books.

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