Puppy at McHenry Row in Locust Point

Puppy at McHenry Row in Locust PointI was in Cleveland for the weekend, not riding a bicycle but being driven around the freezing town by one of my very oldest friends, who kindly listened to me imagine what it would be like to ride a bike in that town. They live about six miles from downtown–is there an easy bike route there? How are the hills? Are there any bike lanes going in? I spotted just a few intrepid winter cyclists, including one guy on a tricycle positively encrusted with lights. Most excellent. It was a lovely trip, but oh my I was itching to get back on my bicycle, which I did, for a ride to Federal Hill to run a few errands. The sun was shining as I zoomed down the hill, legs fresh from days of rest. I made that last mini climb to the Inner Harbor before remembering some of the stuff I hate about riding in the city. There’s a bike/ped path around the Inner Harbor, but today it was blocked by a delivery truck, construction barrels that had been pushed unnecessarily in the way, another round of construction where it seems like they just opened the path again after months of tubes to nowhere blocking the way, and then a sign set up in the bike path to tell cars where to go. *insert narrowed eyes here* I grumbled a bit around the circle until reminding myself that I get to ride a bicycle, so hush. Road rage is not helping me get anywhere, and it just makes a good ride stressful when it doesn’t have to be, not at all. And then there was this puppy I met at McHenry Row. If you’re trapped in a car, you don’t get to stop and drop everything to meet a tiny puppy, as good a case as I’ve heard for riding a bike. It’s awfully hard to take a clear picture a puppy, just fyi–they are extremely wiggly. And then it was back on the bike for a speedy ride back downtown, a stop on the way, and then home. Oh, it’s good to be home indeed.

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