No Trespassing Sign Along the BWI Loop Trail on the Aviation Blvd Stretch

No Trespassing Sign on the BWI Loop Train on the Aviation Blvd StretchI normally work from home on Wednesdays, but a student needed to meet with me, so there you go. Well, if I had to be out there, I figured I might as well toss the Brompton in the trunk of the car and take a ride around the BWI Loop Trail, a place I never ride because to get there means driving, and why bother doing that when I can just step out my door and roll down the hill? Here’s why: I drove up to the train station parking garage (I can bring Brompty on the train next time!), lifted the bike out of the trunk, unfolded it in about a minute, and then I was off for a ten mile easy pedal on smooth asphalt, no cars to contend with–only other bicyclists, and these ones were friendly. It was such an easy peasy little pedal, even though this baby bike isn’t great on even just the slight rolling inclines here. Some views were really incredible, like the one from the memorial park that looked out over the airfield, today’s blue skies filled with those marshmallow clouds, or the scenes where if the traffic would pipe down a little, you could be out in Nature. The trail had its fair share of Burger Kings and 7-11s, which could come in handy after a couple laps, but it was mostly just surprisingly pretty and a perfect way to spend an hour on a day when the temperatures almost reached 60 degrees. The way I rode, the fences were always on my right, peppered with signs like this one advising against trespassing. This is an airport, after all, and here we are looping it with our shoes on and weighed down by contraband liquid. I wondered, though, how they were watching us. I just presume perimeters are guarded, especially ones like this, but I didn’t spot the cameras. Then again, I don’t necessarily need them, trained as I am to watch myself. One lap was enough for this under-the-weather rider today, so I just kept pedaling until I was back where I started–oh, loop trails, how I love thee–and then I folded the bike, put it back in the trunk, and drove home. Next time I’ll take that spur that points to Annapolis, and I might even do it on purpose.

One thought on “No Trespassing Sign Along the BWI Loop Trail on the Aviation Blvd Stretch

  1. Its a nice ride in many ways. And getting in some miles, even if very easy is better than zero miles, right? So I tell myself when I can only fit in a 20 min ride some days. And yes some of the views along that loop are terrific.

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