Run-Down Mansion at Frederick & Millington in West Baltimore

Mansion at Frederick Avenue & Millington It’s March 1 and spring is in the air, so when I saw those Friday meetings on my work calendar, it just made sense to take the bike instead of driving. It has been awhile since I rode to campus, but I just followed my bike’s memory and away we went, down the hill, a right turn up the hill, and over into West Baltimore. The neighborhoods change so fast over here. Bolton Hill is so fancy pants, but crossing into Marble Hill blight comes quick. There’s change afoot, though, because things are being torn down just past Eutaw Place, and it looks like some new sidewalk just might be going in. A block later, however, and it’s row after row after row of blighted homes. Where is everybody? Pedal, pedal, pedal, and I took my left on Monroe, which is like a highway, and then past those corners to Frederick Avenue and the succession of hills that make this ten mile ride feel much, much longer. I climbed that first hill and stopped to catch my breath and take this picture of a giant house–a mansion, really–on the corner of Frederick and Millington. The paint’s peeling, the railings are broken, but it is still such a pretty building, especially at the top of the hill and against that cloudy blue sky. Breathe in, breathe out, and down and up the next hills and I was at school, door to door in under an hour. Oh, springtime, I need you.

2 thoughts on “Run-Down Mansion at Frederick & Millington in West Baltimore

  1. There are so many ruined mansions in this city. I drive by them and I try to imagine what they looked like and what the lives of the families that lived in them was like. Do you recall the address of this one, I’d love to go see it up close.

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