Broken Chain in the Board of Ed Parking Lot at Guilford & North Ave.


And then some days you set out for a short recovery ride up to Federal Hill for a sandwich and a massage, but you make it less than a mile before the chain just flies right off the bicycle. Shifting has been a bit wonky for the last few rides, and I swear I was going to clean her innards soon, but alas, too late for that. I ran us home, took the car for errands, and then all of us went to the bike shop. The Surly’s going to spend the night and get a tune-up, drivetrain clean, new bar wraps, two new water bottle holders, and a new rear rack to finally replace the sad panda rack that has been broken and rattling since we got hit by that car two years ago. Sometimes your girl let’s you know she needs a little tlc, and this one surely deserves a spa day.

3 thoughts on “Broken Chain in the Board of Ed Parking Lot at Guilford & North Ave.

  1. This must have happened 30 seconds after I passed you and said “Look, we have the same bike!” I was wondering where you went. 😉

  2. We’ve met before… sort of. We went on a Baltimore history bicycle tour (it was either Civil War or monuments… I can’t remember which). I stumbled across your blog afterwards and recognized your Brompton. We also ‘Like’ each others’ bike related comments sometimes on Facebook. -Adam Hu

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