Tiny Blue Flowers on the Grass at President & E. Baltimore

Tiny Blue Flowers at President & E. BaltimoreOh, spring, please just get here! It looked like I got my wish this morning, and when the weather report suggested in might reach 50 degrees today, I actually considered leaving my tights at home. Yeah, no. My ride took me speeding down the hill thanks to a significant tailwind I new would bite me on the way back, a left turn over to Canton for some reading and a coupon redemption–for a mani-pedi, my first and quite likely last; it kinda felt like a fairly massive waste of time and it looks like I’m wearing tiny Easter eggs on my fingertips. But because I live a magical life of luxury (it absolutely feels that way when you’re riding a bicycle in the afternoon on a Wednesday) I had time to waste, so I finished up a little reading with my toes under the light bulbs before heading back up the hill to home. By this time clouds had rolled in and the wind was in my face, blowing so hard my tears blurred my eyesight. I slowed down, blinked and blinked, and then took left toward downtown, zigged through Jamestown, and hopped the sidewalk onto the Jones Falls Trail at President and E. Baltimore, where I snapped this picture of the hints of blue flower carpet that make it look like spring, even if it doesn’t feel like it. I’ll just keep riding my bike every day, looking for it. It’s still light out at 7pm and the pink flowers are starting to show, so it just *has* to be around here somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Blue Flowers on the Grass at President & E. Baltimore

  1. I think they might be done (but with the freak snow, who knows) but look for the carpet of crocuses along the green medians and corner of W. University and 40th. They always serve as my harbinger of spring.

  2. It is supposed to be 72 degrees on Sunday. I want to believe, I really do. Think my holiday spirit is lagging this year. Yesterday someone mentioned Easter Sunday and I said: “hey, didn’t we just have that holiday?” My memories of Easters with K and E are among my very best including the yearly buffet at the Riverside Hotel where they had ice sculptures and we all dressed up too.

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