Flowery Trees at Oregon & Link in Arbutus

Flowery Trees at Oregon & LinkWednesday was meant to be a day with a real-ish bicycle ride, but I had to be on campus all day for an evening trip with S. to D.C. for a truly bizarre evening event. Solution: take Brompty in S.’s car for a ride between meetings! Well, best laid plans, right? A meeting turned into another meeting and then I only had two hours to ride and then we got stuck in the elevator on the way downstairs. It wasn’t long, but it doesn’t take long being stuck in the elevator to wish you were out. And then we were out, and I carried Brompty down the stairs, and we took a short ride out toward the Halethorpe MARC station, just short of which I snapped this picture of two layers of flowery trees. Spring is in full effect right now, but I feel like I’ve missed the flower trees that make Baltimore so worth it, what with being distracted and then out of town. But some of the flowers are still here, including these pink popcorn balls and the lacy falls in the background. And there’s always next yearS. called, and her voice was so sweet I walked the bike all the way back to campus, the two of us talking things out. Oh, old friends are the best. This bike ride, however, left much to be desired. Tomorrow, I told myself, tomorrow we’ll get ourselves lost.

2 thoughts on “Flowery Trees at Oregon & Link in Arbutus

  1. Do not miss sherwood gardens. Fancypants, one-way streets, covenants that would make me crazy, but PRETTY gardens of tulip! And a bulb sale towards the end of may.

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