View From a Footbridge Near Ashbourne & June in Arbutus

View From a Footbridge Near Ashbourne & June in ArbutusI had to come into campus for a full day of meetings and things today–a total bummer given that the sun was going to come out after several days of rain and I was feeling a bicycle ride. Solution: multimodal commute with the Brompty, and that’s what I did, flying down the hill to catch the 9:25 train to the Halethorpe station, not even 3 miles from campus. They’ve been putting a new platform in at that station for as long as I can remember (not that I can remember that long, but you know what I mean), but today when I asked the conductor which car I needed to be on to get off at Halethorpe, I got the delightful answer that it didn’t matter! Woot! And it didn’t–I got off, unfolded the bike, and went down the ramp before hopping on the road, a right and a left and a right again to get on Oregon Avenue. It was cool and breezy, and I couldn’t keep my skirt down, a common spring and summer bicycling issue for yours truly. I stopped for breakfast before getting to campus, and two meetings later I was out for another ride, no particular destination in mind. I spend approximately no time whatsoever touring lovely Arbutus, so it was nice to just lazily zig zag around the place checking out the houses with their flags and porch furniture and brilliant pink and fuchsia rhododendrons and azaleas. You can smell the 4th of July in this place. And then I took a right onto what looked like a skinny driveway. Then I was on a small bridge, and this was the view–so lovely and perfectly spring! I wish this exact weather would last forever, and that all meetings were cancelled until I could get all my bike riding in. I finished my ride, went to a most lovely talk and reception, and then put my bike in the back of a car for a ride to Federal Hill and a night ride home. I like those–they remind me of home and those regular night rides through all the neighborhoods all by myself. Summer, I see you over there!

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