View From a Pier Along the Gwynns Falls Trail Near Harbor Hospital

View From a Pier Along the Gwynns Falls Trail Near Harbor HospitalToday’s ride started early early, up with the sun in anticipation for the short ride to Waverly to meet J., C., and our new beehive! I spent a goodly portion of my childhood wanting to be a beekeeper, so when they asked if I wanted to go in on a hive together, well, that was a no brainer. We spent an hour and a half moving the combs from the home hive to our new one and then staring at the hive, wondering if the bees were ok, if the bees that were in the box would find their way home to the new hive, if there was a queen in there even though we didn’t see her, and just generally being excited about the appearance of bees on the scene. There is so much space in that thing for bees to grow and build out the hive! And then I rode my bike home, changed my back tire’s tube and resettled the tire, and waited for N. to roll up for a ride downtown and around to the Gwynns Falls Trail out to Middle Branch Park. We stopped at this pier to watch rowing teams go back and forth–Team A beat Team B by just one second! Dramatic! We sat, chatted about this and that and what we want and what we’ve had, and then we were hungry, so we retraced our steps to the Inner Harbor where we used our Outside Voices to no avail, all the while getting lectured by pedestrians with advice about what to say other than “on your right” or “watch out” and their friendly instructions to ride in the street (is there nowhere for us humble cyclists to feel at home?), but it was all worth it for a nice lunch in Fells Point and a nicer ride home. We agreed that hill after you cross 25th is often a bummer and that we should do this again sometime, and then I took my left to home. This time next week I’ll be all done with that 140 miles ride, but today it was just nice to be done with 15-20 on a cool spring day, but oh my, I need to get more sleep. My whole self is starting to feel a bit heavy.

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