Pedestrian Bridge in Patapsco State Park in Ellicott City

Pedestrian Bridge in Patapsco State Park in Ellicott CityA. asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride this weekend, and surprise, surprise, I did! Today’s ride took us from my neighborhood to Ellicott City and back, by way of the Gwynns Falls Trail, Patapsco Valley State Park, the Trolley Trail, and the Gwynns Falls Trail again, and oh, was it lovely. It was 0ddly a little chilly with whirling winds, so we kept our jackets on as we pedaled down the hill, around the harbor, and up through Federal Hill to pick up the Gwynns Falls Trail and a route I remember from our ride back into town a couple weeks ago. I got myself quickly overheated riding up the hills so had to stop, disrobe, and sit for a minute. All better and we were on our way, up and down progressively smaller roads until we hit the trail going through the park. It was so, so perfect, water on the right, hiking trails to check out later on the left, greens everywhere, dappled sunlight–I mean, seriously, this is what summertime feels like. I snapped this picture as we walked our bikes across the bridge before getting back on roads again, this time into Ellicott City to pick up the Trolley Trail to head home. After shooting out of Leakin Park, another place I haven’t explored enough that has lots of promising trails and paths, it was all city streets again as we mazed our way to Druid Hill Park and my very well-worn path to home. It was just the ride I needed on this perfect still-spring day, and I was grateful for A. and all the people who keep showing me where to go, because oh my, as much as I enjoy negotiating city traffic and righteously taking my lanes, riding without cars is such extreme pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Pedestrian Bridge in Patapsco State Park in Ellicott City

  1. Nice ride. Some of my usual routes that take me across that bridge. The very best time to go through Patapsco is mid week. Hardly anyone on the trails then :). I was on the Gwynn’s Falls trail for my first and only time last year. It was a week or so after the derecho came through. Remember that? Our little group had to portage over 16 trees! I imagine that debris has been cleared by now.

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