Safety Cone Overlooking Northwest Baltimore From Druid Hill Park

Safety Cone Overlooking Northwest Baltimore From Druid Hill ParkN. and I were getting ready to head to Druid Hill Park for a second day of Pride festivities. She was driving, but I’d have to head home first. “Why don’t you toss Brompty in the trunk?” Great idea. I folded up the bike, grabbed my helmet, and we were off. After a lovely day of wandering and talking and watching all the people and all the things it was time to retrieve my bike and do a few laps around the reservoir. The ride was complicated by all the cars mucking up the bike lane and park security’s rather inattentive driving, but it still felt good to just pedal without too much worry. I stopped to snap this picture of a safety cone perched on the barrier between the reservoir and the slope down to the tangle of roads. I wondered how it got there, what was being kept safe for whom, and how the sky could looks so gray and so blue at the same time. Another trip around and I headed back to Charles Village. I meant to pick up my other bike and go for another ride, but those skies opened up and poured down rain, and I was tired from a weekend of dancing and walking and ready to finish out the birthday with some music in my ears for a walk up the street for dinner, a little reading, and some basketball. An excellent weekend all around, but sadly it’s back in the car tomorrow and onto that tangle of roads.

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