Looking Up From Mount Vernon Square

Looking Up From Mount Vernon SquareSummer school classes were finished and it was the Fourth of July and we all had the day off and the weather was hot and the sky was blue. The morning started with a walk and a bus ride and a walk with N., who clearly needs a bicycle. Then again, if you aren’t in a hurry–and we most assuredly were not–why not amble, wait, ride, and amble? It was a lovely afternoon with friends and their dogs before hitching a ride back up the hill for some recharging in air conditioning. The evening started with a zip down the hill on the bike. Everybody was clearly already where they were going because the streets were empty, and oh, that is my very favorite. I had the whole place to myself as I lazily weaved back and forth and let gravity pull me down. I locked my bike to a street sign because Mount Vernon Square, like the Inner Harbor, suffers from a sad and inexplicable lack of bike parking, and then it was hours sitting in a chair or lying on the ground looking up at this view and thinking, yep, this is a good turn on the planet I’ve got. We listened to the music while waiting for the sun to go down just enough for dancing to be more feasible and then we danced before everyone else walked to their cars and I hopped back on the bike for a happy spin back up the hill. Hey, summertime, looking good. Now if you could just finish grading these final exams for me.

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