Peeking Over the Wall at Belt Street & I95

Peeking Over the Wall at Belt Street & I95The end of summer school means the beginning of Summer for this cat, and Monday was the kick off. I spent the morning finishing a book and starting another before using my car (gasp) for a quick appointment. Then it was all bicycle, first to the park to play on the swings and eat carrot sticks with N. and her tiny charges, then to lunch and home for more reading and a nap before spinning down the hill to meet J. for coffee and some interview strategy talk–give that boy a job, please! A second iced coffee and some more reading and then I was on my way to Federal Hill for dinner and wine at A.’s house. I make this ride all the time and always take the same route, so today I took my left a little early and rode to the end of Belt Street to see what was on the other side of the ivy wall. Lacking the necessary boost, I saw what I could see on my tippy toes: train cars, power lines, street lights, blue sky, cotton clouds, and metal things that I couldn’t identify but probably rely on for something really vital, like stoplights or electricity or something. And there was a guy with a giant fluffy dog getting in to drive away. I don’t take this turn much, but I bet they do all the time. I peeked down the side of the buildings flush with the wall and it was all overgrowth and trash and then it was time to turn around. We had a lovely dinner and gossip session, and then it was time to ride home. The night air was just cool enough and the winds just soft enough and I rode as fast as I could, a song in my head, and a ride-by at N.’s where we sat on her steps and ate ice cream out of the container and swapped most embarrassing stories. Thank you, bicycle, for spending this summer day with me.

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