Cloudy Skies at the Corner of 36th & Falls Road in Hampden

Cloudy Skies at the Corner of 36th & Falls Road in HampdenIt wasn’t much of a week for bicycling, I’m sad to say. Workdays stretched into the night, and then there was the part where it was just flipping hot out. Why, September, why must you be all mid-90s and humid? I want my cooler air cycling, please! I did a quick pedal down the hill to meet S. for a beer on Tuesday night, but other than that, nothing. Thursday was going to be a good day for a ride–a pedal up to Hampden for an acupuncture appointment followed by a ride around Druid Hill Park and then over to Lake Montebello for a ride around that one–a reservoir ride, I figured. And then I stepped out of my appointment to these skies that turned off and on like a faucet for the rest of the day and evening. I bravely waited it out, first at the wine bar, with a nice pinot and a beet salad, and then at the sports bar, with a whiskey, soda back, mozzarella sticks, and the X Games, but finally I just had to suck it up and ride home in the rain, my casual Thursday happy hour martyrdom for naught. Somehow I think I will survive and ride again.

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