Bare Trees on the Jones Falls Trail in Druid Hill Park

Bare Trees on the Gwynns Falls Trail in Druid Hill ParkSometimes I’m in the mood for an exploratory ride, one where I get lost, or found in one of those neighborhoods I don’t go to unless I’m getting lost on a bicycle–the rides where I end up in Middle East, usually. I never seem to make it west…something to think about in the new year. But some days I  just want to ride without negotiating cars or newness, the simple pleasures of well-trod paths that are off limits to cars. Today was that latter day, so I took the bike up and around to Druid Hill Park for a lap or two and to check out the Jones Falls Trail behind the zoo.

I love that spot in spring, summer, and fall, and it turns out I like it in the winter, too. It was incredibly quiet back there, empty except for a couple of never-say-die disc golfers and a zoo employee doing a little something something. The zig zag trail down to Woodberry was all wet leaves and leftover patches of ice, and my fear of riding over ice got me off the bike and on foot, but oh, still so lovely. I snapped this picture on my way back toward the center of the park. Actually, I took lots of pictures, but I couldn’t get a shot that both caught the height of the trees and their spiny-ness, so this is the best I could do. See those goldredbrown leaves on the lacy trees in front? There’s always a little color, no matter what time of year. Back through the park, another lap around the reservoir, and I was headed back to home, just the ride I needed on a shivery Tuesday.

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