Looking South From the Intersection of Charles & North

Looking South From the Intersection of Charles & NorthAnd Thursday it was back to work, and the ride took me down the hill in 14 degree temperatures to the train station, and I swear my eyeballs were going to freeze right there inside of my skull. Oh, New Orleans, I miss you and your 70 degree late February days! I folded up the bike and got off two stops later, meeting A. unexpectedly on the platform for a Brompty reunion and ride up the hill to work. We complained about the weather and the left turn traffic light that seems to work randomly. A. is secretly happy to have that mystery to keep her commute alive, she admitted. We shared our desires for a tow rope up the hill in to campus, and then I split off for a busy day at the office.

And then it was back on the bike to the train ti the bike and up the hill again. I snapped this picture looking down Charles from North Avenue–the sunny blue sky pretending to be warmer than it was, the murals that gussy up the place but also remind us there’s abandonment here, the flower shop whose facade hosts a rotating party of people-waiting-for-the-bus, and off in the distance, the glass cube that probably felt architecturally forward when the designs were made. I wonder what people think of its look now, and if it’ll ever host a mural. And then I rode the rest of the way home, a ride I wouldn’t have taken if I still had a car. Lucky me, free, free, free!

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