Cops and Brodudes at E. Cross & Light St.

Cops and Brodudes at E. Cross & Light St.Monday was Opening Day at Orioles Park at Camden Yards, and I was not the only person trying to pass through downtown last evening around 6pm. All was quiet on Maryland and then Cathedral, but oh, near Pratt Street things started getting ugly. Everybody’s in a hurry, of course, but there’s not rushing a stadium full of drunken pedestrians high on a first big win over the Red Sox (we’re undefeated!). I did things I never do to get myself over to Federal Hill: I rode on the sidewalk to avoid the crush of cars right before Pratt; I split the lanes as we waited to cross Conway; and I used my Outside Voice to encourage pedestrians to obey their lights, too. Ok, maybe I do that last one with some regularity. I made it through the crush of fans in fairly quick time, thanking the heavens that I wasn’t trapped in a car *or* mashed in the crowd, my only regret that I hadn’t had a ticket to the game myself. There’s a whole lot of baseball yet to play, and a whole lot more scenes like the one I snapped and posted here–The Policing of the Brodudes: Federal Hill Edition, greeting you now until October. Lez go O’s!. And take your bike–that’s the only way to travel to and from games, trust me, though the light rail’s pretty awesome too.

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