Flower Buds and Plastic Bags Waving in the Wind at 24th & Saint Paul

Flower Buds and Plastic Bags Waving in the Wind at 24th & Saint PaulFriday was a windy three-meeting day that stuck me inside when I really wanted to be outside, riding my bike. Then again, I also like having my job, so that day’s ride consisted of a speedy ride down the hill to the train station–I was running late in that way you run late when you’ve got five hours of meetings ahead of you–and a slow ride home to enjoy the early sense of spring. As I adjusted my seat and got on for the ride through the parking lot to the mean streets of Arbutus I heard the tell-tale ding of another Brompty, and there was A., riding to campus too! I dream of a world where there is an army of us, multimodal commuting, kicking our individual gas-powered tin cans past the curb, but until then, it’s nice to have one person for company. The ride home could have been fast, but I took it slow–no reason to hurry on a Friday afternoon. I snapped this picture on my way back up the hill. Those reddish dots on the tree limbs are flower buds. They were on so many of the trees I passed that day, so much promise, I thought to myself. So much promise, here it is. If you look closely you’ll also see plastic trash bags waving in the wind. Oh, Baltimore, why do you always have to be yourself? Actually, thanks for that–better than hiding your ugly like they try to do in the Bay Area. But hey, let’s all do our part and take our cloth bags to the store, eh? And turn down the wind machines?

One thought on “Flower Buds and Plastic Bags Waving in the Wind at 24th & Saint Paul

  1. Our tulip tree is budding and blooming but the blooms fall off right away to give the leaves first chance at at spring. Today it is 60 and that is the warmest it has been since last November. Outside is beckoning me to do some garden clean up.

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