Morgan State’s Communications Building at 4100 Hillen Road


Thursday’s ride took me up to Morgan State for another stint on the Marc Steiner show, this time to talk about bikes. C. was going to, and he just lives a couple blocks from me, so when he suggested we ride together, I said sure, as long as he knew in advance that I am in absolutely no hurry to get up hills. I haven’t found a hill in the region that I can’t get up on the Surly, but I will pretty much always be the last on to the top. I have no problem with that fact, and neither did he, so away we went. C. got his Master’s from Morgan, so he took me on the rather circuitous route he takes from two years of experimenting. I loved being the follow, pedaling down streets I haven’t seen, taking the street where he took the sidewalk, and then we were there, two bikes to be on a show with two other bicyclists about how to improve bicycling in the city, and there were no racks to lock to in front of this shiny new building on a college campus, a block from the left turn onto the Collegetown Bike Route that’ll take you over to Notre Dame. Sometimes how to increase bicycling is pretty simple–get some racks, Steiner! I locked to a sign, he brought his bike inside, and then we all got to go on about the rapturous joy of riding in the city–the sense of freedom, of being part of where you live, the ease of exploring new places–the list goes on. Three minutes of that and I was ready to call the show so we could all go outside and take a ride. C. and I did just that after the show, and don’t tell anybody, but I actually kinda liked riding with a friend. If you have some extra cash, throw some his way at

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