Late Afternoon Light at Lake Montebello

Late Afternoon Light at Lake Montebello It was a balmy 50+ degree day, and as much as I wanted to stay in my pajamas all day long, I knew I’d regret this sprinkle of springtime in the midst of a seriously chilly February. I got in quite a few rides last week, but they were all needles-in-the-eyeballs cold, and they were all a way to get from here to wherever I was going. Today’s ride was just for the pleasure of the thing, and fighting cars was absolutely not a part of that, so I headed east to Lake Montebello to join the walkers, joggers, road cyclists who didn’t get the memo that the reservoir is not really a place for speed training, and a guy in wheelchair rugby training for some laps around. I put my headphones in, turned low, and listened to songs that reminded me of Mardi Gras, being in love, dance partying, and other good things as I zipped around, loop after loop, with this view. And then it was time to head home to finish the laundry and start fantasizing about a summer bicycle tour. Thank you for this Sunday, Baltimore.

One thought on “Late Afternoon Light at Lake Montebello

  1. I’d like to invite you to tour a secure bike parking facility within the Baltimore City owned Lexington Street Garage. ( We are offering one year of free parking (first come first served) and we’d love it if you could help us spread the word to folks in Baltimore. Please send me your email so that I may send you an invitation (and get help finding a date that works for everyone).

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