Peek Onto Railroad Tracks At Sisson Just Past 23rd Street

Peek Onto Railroad Tracks At Sisson Just Past 23rd StreetSunday’s ride took me to the YMCA to meet O. for friend/weightlifting time and then to Charles Village for a sandwich and then to Remington to see what all the fuss is about, because I hear that’s where all the cool kids are moving these days. I zigged and zagged, stopped to pick up this week’s CSA produce (hard squash are back!), and followed Sisson to the end, because the ladyfriend promised if I did that I’d get to see a bus graveyard, and she was pretty sure I’d like it. She was right. And then I was at the dead end of the dead end, this view of train tracks through a break in the fence and shrubbery, Veolia’s Circulator parking lot to the left, a generation station just over its shoulder. It’s like all the secret stuff that makes life go that I never think about is hiding out in Remington. I finished my ride by zigging and zagging, marveling at how tiny a neighborhood can be, and then headed home the long way, up to 39th, just to see what the Mansion People were doing on a Sunday afternoon before taking the lane on Greenmount, because on a Sunday afternoon, it’s just empty enough for me to be that brazen.

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