Looking Down Eutaw at Mulberry Street

20151130_090732Monday found me back on my bike after a long, restful Thanksgiving break. For four days I didn’t get on my bike or in a car, relying on my feets to move me from my couch to the movies to lunch out and about. It is rare for me to take that many days off the bike, and getting back on was like getting back to myself. I sped down the hill and up the hill, a right and a left and a right and a left, and I was on my way to work again. I snapped this photo as I waited at the long light at Mulberry that I never seem to make. This is the start of the Paperboy part of the commute, dodging cars and other bicycles and pedestrians as I make my way through the always-bustling-no-matter-what-they-say-about-how-it-needs-to-be-different Lexington Market. That red and gray box on the left is the subway, and I wonder how many planning meetings went on to decide that it was ok to build something that terrible right there. And off in the distance is the Bromo Seltzer Tower clock that stopped working years ago, but I spent a good two years thinking I was always right on time, because it was always just a bit after 9:00am whenever I saw it. I’m a bit slow on some things. And then the light turned green and I did my stop-and-go until the right on Lombard, back to the grind, happily so.

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