View East From Druid Hill Park

View East From Druid Hill ParkOh, thank goodness the deep freeze has lifted, at least for now. The past couple of weeks have seen lots of bicycling, mostly to and from work, but even a ride or two for no good reason on streets I don’t know like the back of my hand. Last week even featured a ride on streets that didn’t hold the snow amidst trees that did–and it was so beautiful. I remembered this ride I did with my dad years ago in his tiny town of McCall, Idaho. It was winter, snow everywhere–the real mountain kind–but we wanted to go for a ride together. It was straight uphill, and for this rider who’d mostly ridden in New Orleans it was a struggle. I put it in the easiest gear and just kept pedaling, huffing and puffing in the thinner air. One of us got a flat, he fixed it, and he went as slow as he could to keep pace with me. Such a perfect day. I wish we could have another of those.

Spring is in the air now, though I know nothing’s certain about that until May, really. Sunday’s ride was definitely anticipatory. It was still cold, but I dressed like it wasn’t as I zipped over to Hampden to pick up new glasses. I put them on and it was like I was seeing for the first time, like I wanted to staple my eyelids open so I could take it all in. I gave those eyes a treat with a walk around the neighborhood before hopping back on the bike for a turn around Druid Hill Park’s reservoir with all the other people who had the same idea. I snapped this picture of a scene that was much bluer through my fancy new lenses, finished my turn, and headed back to my neighborhood for a beer and some french fries, Sunday best. The new view and new feel of the air on my naked ears made me jubilant. What a treat to sneak a peek at that feeling again. Here’s to ramping up the bike riding, spring.

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