Skies Above Pratt & Greene

AndSkies Above Pratt & Greene then it was summertime, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. B. asked if I’d like to ride to work, all the way, and I was a little nervous, partly because we’d have to leave at 7:15am, but mostly because it’s kind of far, and there’s that uphill on Wilkens Avenue. I’ve made the ride a bunch of times, but what if it was too far this time? Like most things, it’s a mind game, so I made up my mind to go ahead and join him. He does it almost every day, so big deal, right? And then we were off, and it was so good to have company, and I was slow but it didn’t matter, and I didn’t even get off to walk through that tiny tunnel I’m always afraid is full of sand. An hour later I rolled up to the office, and I just felt great. It feels great to push a little and stretch your legs on the bike, and I got to do that, first thing. What a treat. I took a short cut to get home, putting the bike on the shuttle for a ride downtown–thanks, multimodal commuting, for all the choices! And then I stopped for a sandwich, took this picture of the sky, and headed home, grateful for another season, and to have a body that can do this sort of thing that I want it to be able to do. I can’t believe after all these years I ever spend even a moment thinking about whether or not I’m fat–my body’s working jussst fine, for me. Patriarchy’s such a drag.

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