View From the East Side of Lake Montebello

20170710_095630 Monday was such a lovely day. I woke up early, banged out some work, and then hopped on my bicycle to head east on 33rd Street for my every-six-months dentist appointment. I’ve had dental insurance for six years now, and everything is different. My appointments are quick and easy, nothing like those long scraping sessions I faced when I went seven years without a cleaning. I now go religiously, making that next appointment as I leave, and going to the dentist is just a part of my life rather than this big scary thing that is going to pick all my pockets. That teeth (and eyes) aren’t included in health care is just baffling to me. Toss in the measly coverage most folks get for mental health and it seems we might just not care about heads.

Olga made quick work of 2017’s tartar build up, Dr. Shelton gave my tongue and gums the thumbs up, and I was out of the office with my bicycle by 9:30am, just a half mile from Lake Montebello, so I headed that way and did a few laps around the reservoir with the rest of the neighborhood. Check out this beautiful view! Bicyclists and walkers head in opposite directions in dedicated lanes here, so I got to say my good mornings and how you doings to so many people, over and over again. We were all smiles. If you don’t love this kind of community playing outside together, you’ve got a hole in your soul.

Rather than take 33rd back–that thing is all fast cars and anxiety–I followed the tips of other cyclists and took Lakeside. The detached houses and lawns were all so tidy, and that one house with the mirrored Eiffel Tower in the front yard was really giving a gift. I made it across the busy streets and to the parking lots around the YMCA and onto 33rd Street for two blocks before snaking through Waverly toward home. Until they get that protected bike facility on 33rd Street, this really is A Better Way. It was the perfect morning bike ride, and a great start to my summer vacation.

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