Facade at 37th & Pleasant Place

Monday’s ride was a short one, just up to Hampden to drop my sunglasses off for new lenses–they’ve been a prescription behind for over a year and are all scratched up. I can afford to get new lenses in my prescription sunglasses. I wonder how long I’ll have to make this comfortably middle class salary before I’ll just know that to be true and will just go ahead and get the glasses. Anyway, I then headed up through Hampden to pick up some miso paste at the fancy organic foods store (another thing I can afford but have gotten used to affording more quickly). I snapped this picture along 37th Street, I think it was, of a house being held up by stilts. When I first saw them I wondered how they could possibly support a whole house like that, but as I rolled past I saw they were just holding up the front. What a job, and what a weird feeling to see a house as just a few bones left behind. I wonder what happened here and over how much time, and how many times over and over again this happens in a city of row houses that depend on each other for support. And then I rode up Roland, a left on 40th, heard the thunder and saw lightening, but still made it home out of the rain. I’m glad I didn’t take the car.

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