Sunset Over Lakeside and Alameda

20170926_185845 It’s the end of September and it is just still so hot out. We had a few minutes of fall teasing, the kind where the  slightly cool wind in the morning has you wondering if you should have brought a sweatshirt but five minutes later you remember that biking heats you up and you don’t need it. The past couple weeks have been that hot wet thing where it feels like you’re bicycling inside somebody’s mouth. I’m over it. I want fall to get here. It’s my favorite time of year, what with the cider donuts and cardigans and reminder that it’s ok to slow down and take a little rest. I need that.

But for now it’s hot and sweaty and still summer, even though leaves are changing and days are shorter. I snapped this picture on my ride home from a friend’s house in the Ednor Gardens-Lakeside neighborhood last night. I had forgotten my lights and left our meeting a bit early to beat the darkness, but it was already taking over and it was barely 7pm. The season’s changing, slowly but surely, and it’ll come, whether I’m patient or not. The sky last night was beautiful, a reminder to slow down even if it’s still hot out and take a second to look up.

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