Construction at Lloyd & Baltimore

IMG_20181204_151509_157 Yep, still riding my bike around these days. The gift of not having regular access to a car is that I take a bike ride almost every day. Today’s ride took me down the hill and over to Harbor East to attend my Very Fancy Gymnasium for an exercise class. I remember the first time I rode my bike here, and how nervous I was that I wouldn’t be able to make it home. Six months out from cancer treatment and I know I can make it home, even if it’s into cold, gusty winds, uphill all the way. I’m ok now. It’s still surprising to me, and it’s still true. Might not always be true, but it’s true today, and today’s ride was a gift.

I snapped this picture on my way home, heading up Lloyd through Jonestown and Little Italy, just past the Jewish Museum of Maryland and the Koldkiss snowball equipment store. I’ve been riding up this street for years now, but I can’t remember what this block looked like before the construction started. Just to the right of that lot of rubble is the McKim Community Association center, and I wonder what the kids who hang out there think about the mess next door. There’s a thrill in watching a building come down–I felt that rush up at Biddle and Fallsway where they were pushing over a row house on a block almost empty of them. But what rises up in its place? And what if it’s nothing but this skeleton held up by steel scaffolding and a big ol’ trash pile? I’m sure whatever’s going up here will go up eventually, but in the meantime, what a thing to recreate next door to, on a busy main drag.

I finished my ride, grateful again for a body that can do that still, and headed inside to cool down. I wonder when it will be cold enough for me to not be a hot and sweaty mess by the time I get home. I’ll keep riding and let you know.

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