Train Tracks Running Under the Street at 26th & Guilford

Train Tracks Running Under the Street at 26th & Guilford Monday was supposed to be the day the heat wave broke, but I think 95 degrees is still pretty hot. I’ll ride a bike in it, because it’s still cooler to ride a bike than stand at a bus stop waiting for the bus, but I’d rather not. So it was a quick one–just down the hill to the gym for a workout in air conditioning, and then back up the hill to home. My report–it’s still hot out there, and I’d still rather be on my bicycle than almost anywhere else.

I got off my bike to take a phone call just as I crossed 25th Street. It was from BGE, telling me I earned NOTHING on their energy savings day. The average consumer saved $5.50, and good for them, I thought. And lucky me to have the $5.50 to blow on a window air conditioning unit in my living room this past weekend. It’s just been really hot, and when you’re hot all the time anyway (thanks, hormone-affecting breast cancer drugs!), well, it’s even hotter.

I walked my bike a bit to peek through the fence at 26th and Guilford, to see how the new supporting wall is going. I couldn’t get a good view on the west side, where all the construction is still happening to hopefully keep the street from sliding off and into the train tunnel, so I popped over to the other side of the street and snapped this picture. What a lovely view, one I rarely see because I’m staring straight ahead on my bike. So much business happening right beneath our feet. A good reminder to get off the bike and look over there sometimes.

But that was enough for this day. I got back on my bike and puddled through the hot breath of the day to home, for ceiling fans, AC units, and ice cold seltzer water. The heat wave broke Monday night, so here’s to a good day riding my bike around with a little more comfort.

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