Azaleas in Front of Gibson Hall at Tulane


I had one of those incredibly long days at work, 9-9, but I had a couple hours between daytime and nighttime events and spent one of them doing laps around Audubon Park. Pedal, pedal, pedal, it was just what I needed. I rolled back in to campus and stopped to take a picture of the azaleas spread out across the main entrance. That’s some wild color out there, my friends. It’s all over the city. This place is beautiful right now. When I finally headed home it was too dark to see the color, but every once in awhile, a little jasmine.

Pink Azaleas on Louisiana Avenue

Yep, another beautiful spring-y day in New Orleans! School is back in session after spring break, and I was feeling remarkably chipper to be back on the commute. Thing is, folks, I love my job. I decided to take Rhoda up to school, slowly pedaling with a little music in my ears, trying to prepare myself for a rough class session. Continue reading