Nirvana Restaurant at Magazine & General Pershing

Nirvana Restaurant at Magazine & General Pershing I spent the end of last week in New Orleans, a short trip that was needed for a long time. I hadn’t been back in three years, previous visit attempts thwarted by cancer, the inability to make a travel plan because of cancer’s ptsd, and, of course, hurricane warnings this July. I made it, finally. I spent time with friends and their lovers, friends, children, and pets, and it was such a treat to peek in on so many lives and say hello! I’ve missed you! I’m still here too!

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Luckmore Finance at Baronne and Girod

Luckmore Finance at Baronne and GirodI rode my bike down to the Treme tonight for some TV with friends and then a stop at S.’s to meet her delightful friend T., in town for one night only. As I crossed Canal from University Place, I had a first-time experience as a biker in New Orleans. A car was turning right on to Burgundy and stopped short right in front of me. I had to pedal back hard (damn pedal breaks!) and then I just sat there, waiting for the car to move. It didn’t. Continue reading

Hip Hop City Urban Wear at Baronne and MLK

Storefront at Baronne and MLKI was out late tonight, sipping whiskey on S.’s Treme balcony, listening to her recount her scary car accident of a couple days ago. I’m glad she’s ok and back home, but sad she won’t be able to ride a bike for awhile. Curses, broken hand! When I finally headed home I was very sleepy and in the mood to just ride. Continue reading

Blooming Flowers on Baronne

Flowers on BaronneI’ve noticed recently that I take a lot of pictures of thing that represent the rundown parts of this city.  That’s partly because that’s most of what this city is–rundown and largely abandoned–but why this is and how this could be different is also largely what I think about when I’m tooling around this place.  Continue reading