Tree Growing Out of a Building on Tyson Near Mulberry

Tree Growing Out of a Building on Tyson Near MulberryThe unthinkable has happened: I’ve misplaced my bike helmet. Now, I know there’s controversy about whether or not bike helmets really help, and I also know that in some of the most common accidents, a bike helmet will do little to keep me safe, but I also know that I feel naked without one. I am somewhat skeptical of the helmet’s ability to keep my egg uncracked in the case of a serious crash, but I also know that I always wear one, I don’t think they make things worse, and if, god forbid, I should ever be seriously hurt or killed when riding a bike, the last think I want E. to have to do is shake her head when asked the inevitable question, “Was she wearing a helmet?” Continue reading

Discarded Helmet on Magazine at Philip

Bike Helmet in the Trash at Magazine and PhilipI have been writing this bike blog for well over a year, posting over three hundred times, and yet I have never posted, not even once, about bike helmets. This is an incredibly contentious issue among riders, and I really ought to have an opinion. I passed this mixed-use helmet sitting out on a trash can on Magazine and Philip and wondered what its past was and figured now’s as good a time as any to weigh in. Continue reading