“Excuses Are Tools of the Incompetent” Sign at Carver Vo-Tech High School at 2201 Presstman Street

wpid-IMG_20140329_144215.jpgI rode my bike a lot last week–it’s how I get around 90% of the time–but I didn’t write, giving my typing hands a rest. I saw some good stuff while off the blog: another round of snow, the first crocuses of this slow-in-coming spring, suburban potholes being paved over and city potholes growing wide enough to see the brick of past roads showing through, and, on Saturday, another debate tournament. It was spitting rain when I got up that morning, a little more when I got on the bike to head to Carver High for my first high school competition. Continue reading

“How Are You Positively Affecting the Data” Sign at Carver Vocational-Technical High School at Presstman & Bentalou

How Are You Positively Affecting the Data Sign at Carver Vocational-Technical High School at Presstman & BentalouI got up ridiculously early on Saturday morning, excitedly so, because on Saturday I got to ride my bike over to West Baltimore to judge an elementary and middle school debate tournament. It was pretty much all of my nerd dreams come true–and then I was issued my badge and that was all she wrote. After our Official Training, which consisted of a review of the rules and a reminder that we’re judging 4th graders so let’s leave the Mean Girl shit at home, we were left to wander the halls and wait for all the teams to check in and all the fruit snacks to be eaten before we started. Continue reading