Containers at the Carrollton Water Treatment Plant on Monticello and Claiborne

Today is my blog’s second birthday. I started the blog to gently mock my sister’s daily blog of her lunch (check it out–it’s actually sublime). I certainly didn’t expect to still be writing it, almost every day, two years later. But here we are, I’m still riding and writing, and both still bring me immense amounts of pleasure. One of the things the blog has done is forced me to pay attention as I move through the world. Continue reading

Beads By The Dozen in Elmwood

Mardi Gras Bead Shop in ElmwoodTechnical difficulties kept me from posting this blog yesterday, so this is technically what I saw yesterday, but here it is. Pox on you, internet outages! J. still has my car, so I rode Jack out to Elmwood for a doctor’s appointment. I rode up the levee and then over on Edwards, which clearly doesn’t see a lot of bikes. Continue reading