Layers of Buildings at 32nd & Brentwood

Layers of Buildings at 32nd & BrentwoodFriday was a day of riding errands, first up the hill to get lunch and then over to Hampden and then back home for a quick rest before heading back over to Waverly to meet R. for a little scheming. I lifted my bike into her living room and we headed back toward Greenmount Avenue on foot to take pictures of the sides of buildings. Would any of these make a good location for a short film projection? What we do about the windows? Would that be high enough? How do we get people to look this way as they travel by instead of that way? Continue reading

Distressed and New Facades at Dauphine and Toulouse.

Distressed and New Facades at Dauphine and ToulouseIt was a stormy day in New Orleans, but I magically missed the downpours, by just six minutes on my ride home from work and altogether on my ride up from the Treme, where I enjoyed a delicious homemade organic carrot cake from D. Continue reading