Waiting Out a Rainstorm on Royal and Governor Nicholls

It was another stormy day in New Orleans, but I really, really, really needed to ride my bike. That meant breaking one of my unofficial biking rules that I learned from my dad: never start a ride in the rain. No such choice today, so I put on my quick-dry skirt and raincoat, tied a plastic bag on the fancy leather saddle, rolled up my waterproof pannier (thank you, Ortlieb!,) and headed down to the Quarter to meet S. for dinner before joining other friends for Treme in the Treme. Continue reading

Extras Restaging a Parade at Chartres and Kerlerec

Yes, Mardi Gras is over, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a parade today. Can I just say I’m totally over parades right now? But this was a recreation of the Krewe du Vieux parade in 2006, right after Katrina and the broken levees, and they were paying me $100 to pretend to not be over parades, so I hopped on the bike and headed down to Washington Square Park to hurry up and wait. Continue reading