Commuting Down St. Charles

I’ve been out of town for a few days for a conference, catching up with old friends and new, which means I haven’t been riding my bike. In fact, I was off my bike for four whole days. Four whole days. I can’t remember the last time I went that long without pedaling. I was looking forward to getting home and taking a nice long ride, but the airplane gave me some kind of sick, the kind that makes you feel out of balance and nauseated and weak. Sadly, that’s not the kind of sick I feel like riding through. Today’s ride, then, was confined to the commute, but even that was a relief. My cadence feels like coming home, so I let myself spin along, concentrating on the rhythm, happy to be back in New Orleans.

Perfect Weather Uptown

I got on my bike to head out for an appointment this morning and faced the same perfect conditions we’ve had all week: sunny skies, temps still in the 70s, that perfect light. Oh, it is perfect weather for bike riding. But as I pedaled I realized that it’s true: I have a cold. Nothing serious, but that kind of cold where the back of your throat feels gummy and your ears are itching and your head is heavy and you are just plain tired. Nope, no long ride in this perfect weather for me–I rode home, made a few detours for errands, and then stayed in to rest. Because I checked the weather report–nothing but suns for the next ten days. I need my energy, because I’m going to need to ride that weather, like I wanted to today. Get out there, people. This won’t last.

Debris at an Empty Lot at St. Charles and Louisiana

I’m totally sick. I hate being sick. I will fight admitting it to the end. But my throat hurts and I’m achy and a simple ride to campus left me out of breath. So after class I rode straight home and got on the couch and promised myself I’d stay here until I actually feel better, not just until I wish I felt better. (I’m a terrible patient.) Continue reading