NOPD Homeless Assistance Collaborative Under the Pontchartrain Expressway

The I10 Underpass at DryadesYou remember those scenes of people stranded on the freeways, waiting to get out of New Orleans after the levees broke? Well, people are still stuck on freeways–only now, underneath them. I snapped this picture of the underpass on Dryades as I crossed in to the CBD from the Lower Garden District. Continue reading

Cops On Horseback on Decatur

NOPD Mounted Police On DecaturTonight Jack and I rode down to the Treme for dinner with friends. The Quarter is so quiet now that Essence Fest is over. It’s funny how Bourbon always seems to put on the same show, whether anyone’s there to see it or not. Continue reading

Police on Canal Street for Essence Fest

NOPD on Canal StreetI’m still tired after a lot of bike riding yesterday and not enough water, but I decided to ride Rhoda down to the Treme and then to the French Quarter for cake and swimming with friends. On my way home I rode around the Quarter a bit, checking out the crowds for Essence Fest, the big festie in town this weekend. Continue reading

Cops on Bourbon Street

NOPD on Bourbon StreetI’m on spring break right now, and I keep expecting everyone else to be on spring break.  I know lots of college kids make New Orleans their spring break destination, so I also keep expecting to see Bourbon Street overflowing with them, even though it’s a Tuesday.  I mean, I was up for a nighttime bike ride down to the Quarter, and I’m definitely getting too old for such things.  Continue reading