People and a Dog in Costumes on Bourbon Street

It’s Halloween in New Orleans, and the city is all dressed up to go out. I, on the other hand, am just not in the mood. Sometimes I just get all scrooged out and become a total buzzkill, and the best answer for everyone involved is for me to just get on my bike and go for a ride by myself. And that’s what I did today, making a stop at S.’s to try and fix her pinch flat on her new bike. Yeah, that’s the downside to the internal gear business… After many unsuccessful attempts, I threw in the towel and headed out to see what the more spirited types are doing for the holiday. Continue reading

Red VW in the Oktoberfest Parade on Bourbon Street

I watched the Saints game while doing a little revising at home, and when we won, I decided to hop on the bike and head out to see how folks were celebrating. I passed a bunch of Saints-clad bicyclists going the other way–why anybody drives to the game, especially in weather like this, I just don’t understand. Anyway, I think I might have been the only sober person in a many block radius, so I got off my bike and headed to Bourbon Street to get up close and personal with some drunks. Continue reading

Bead Throwers on a Hotel Balcony on Bourbon Street

It was the last day of classes for the semester, so the last daily commute to campus. Nice. I am already fantasizing about all the aimless rides I can take myself on between now and January 11, when classes start up again. Tonight, though, I made my regular ride down to the Treme to meet up with friends for a little TV and conversation. Continue reading

Cops On Horseback on Decatur

NOPD Mounted Police On DecaturTonight Jack and I rode down to the Treme for dinner with friends. The Quarter is so quiet now that Essence Fest is over. It’s funny how Bourbon always seems to put on the same show, whether anyone’s there to see it or not. Continue reading

Balcony at Bourbon and St. Ann

Balcony at Bourbon and St. AnnYeah, it’s summertime in New Orleans.  It’s hot.  I rode my bike down to the Quarter this afternoon for the Creole Tomato/Zydeco/Louisiana Seafood Festivals, and I really felt that humid heat, and I was, how shall we say, glistening.  You’ve really just got to give in to the sweat here.  Everybody’s sweating and we’re all basically wearing wet t-shirts all the time; there’s no use in fighting it.  Riding a bike, though, does create a tiny bit of a breeze to offset the heat, but ultimately it’s a losing battle.  I spent part of the fests sipping ice water inside a cool bar, but then I was itching to join the crowds.  It didn’t cool off much as the sun went down, but again, the bars are kept frigid around here.  A. and I went to see a show at a club where it was so cold, we were getting goosebumps.  We stepped out on this balcony to warm up a bit.  I stepped outside and my glasses fogged up almost immediately.  The air was thick and heavy.   It felt good to chew that air from up there, looking down at Bourbon Street in all its sweaty glory.  Then I rode home, slowly, stopping for ice cream on the way.  Yes, it was another hot Saturday in New Orleans.

Bike Route at Coliseum and Antonine

Bike Route at Coliseum and AntonineI’ve been taking some time off the bike to give my poor knees a rest, so today’s ride just took me to the hair salon and back.  On my return, I stopped to snap this photo of the Bike Route sign on Coliseum and Antonine.  Continue reading

Cops on Bourbon Street

NOPD on Bourbon StreetI’m on spring break right now, and I keep expecting everyone else to be on spring break.  I know lots of college kids make New Orleans their spring break destination, so I also keep expecting to see Bourbon Street overflowing with them, even though it’s a Tuesday.  I mean, I was up for a nighttime bike ride down to the Quarter, and I’m definitely getting too old for such things.  Continue reading

Throwing Beads at the Royal Sonesta Hotel

Throwing Beads at the Royal SonestaI didn’t have any Friday night plans, so I decided to just hop on my bike and ride around and see what happened. I headed down to Bourbon Street, where something is always happening. Continue reading

T-shirt Shop on Bourbon Street

T-Shirts on BourbonI rode my bike down to the Quarter tonight, hoping to see some Saints fans getting their party on after a nice win this afternoon. As I walked my bike down Bourbon Street I noticed quite a few Bush and Brees jerseys, and some folks decked out in Atlanta Hawks gear, but all in all, it seemed a quiet night. Continue reading