Brown Volvo at 23rd & Guilford

It was just too windy to stop riding, get off my bike, and snap a picture on my ride home yesterday. It was that kind of wind where you drop down your gears and still find yourself pedaling–downhill. Whatever the conditions, though, just keep pedaling and you’ll get there–best not be in a hurry. So that’s what I did on my way home yesterday from a Friday in meetings followed by a beer and catching up with N, the first week of another new semester in the books. What did I see? Lots of stuff, but what I really saw was the mix of gaudy architecture with plain stacked concrete on the Westside, and on the way home, that brown Volvo parked about four cars down from 23rd Street on Guilford. Continue reading

Parked Suburban at 26th & St. Paul


I didn’t have time for a bike ride today, but I did have time for a short walk around the neighborhood, and what did I see? A giant suburban parked in front of a curb cut, over a crosswalk. Riding a bike regularly and also driving and being a pedestrian means I have a sense of sharing roads and sidewalks. This isn’t how we do it. Sigh. Anyway, I miss my bike and won’t get to ride tomorrow either, but that’s because I will be flying to New Orleans. Oh my, but I can’t wait to ride around that city again! See you there!

Closely Parked Cars Near Dauphine & Pauger

Carnival is upon us again, and even though I was feeling a bit under the weather, I wasn’t about to miss my last first-parade-of-the-season as a resident of New Orleans. I hopped on my bike and headed downtown without a sweater or anything, because I swear it’s already summertime. The traffic was crazy once I crossed Canal as folks gathered for Krewe du Vieux. Continue reading