For Your Protection Please Close Gate at Freret & Audubon Place

I have simply been swamped with work this week. It’s finals time, and the students are cramming and pulling all-nighters while their teachers are turning into grading machines. I’ve been snowed under by the flurry of it all, which means I haven’t been getting the bicycle rides in that I’m used to. The great thing about commuting by bike, though, is that I’m guaranteed to get a quick five or six miles in, no matter what. Continue reading

Campaign Signs at Camp and Delachaise

It rained all day long today. It never seemed to quite get light out even. I was in the mood for a lazy bike ride going nowhere this afternoon, but alas, I ended up taking a drive in the rain. When S. called and asked if I’d like to join her and N. for pool up in my neighborhood, I was relieved to get to hop on the bike, even if only for half a mile. Continue reading

Houses Along Audubon Park in Uptown

House on Audubon ParkI spent the day on my bicycle on a long task ride–a visit to the Registrar’s office, lunch with B., the bike shop for a new tube, the grocery for potatoes and other sundries, Human Resources to talk retirement plans. Yep, an exciting day for Rhoda and I! Continue reading