Sunflowers At Baronne & Soniat


It’s hot outside. I know, I know, it’s only June and I’m already whining like a little baby, but it is so hot outside. It’s the kind of hot where you step outside and your glasses fog up and you choke a little on the thickness of it all. That’s what happened when I stepped out of the house this afternoon to head up to work. My legs were heavy, so instead of fight it, I just slowed my roll–a good general rule this time of year. I stopped at Soniat and Baronne to take a picture of the tall yellow sunflowers already in bloom. That’s the flip side of the heat, and once I get used to the heat, it’s worth it: flowers like this, for months and months and months. And they’re best seen by bike.

Sunflowers at Eastman and Allendale

I am on another vacation, this one courtesy of my dear old friends E. and S. and their Southwest Airlines frequent flyer ticket. I am all the way in Oakland, California, where it is cold and foggy in the mornings, even thought it’s August, but this afternoon, because I am one seriously lucky girl, the fog burned off as we walked through Muir Woods, taking in the tallest living organisms on earth–the coastal redwoods (though there’s some fungus in Oregon challenging for the title–*shaking fist at Oregon’s fungus*). Continue reading

Sunflowers at Baronne and Erato

Today was the last day of summer school–school’s out!–and I spent the afternoon bouncing around town, lunch with N., pinkberry with S., and racquetball with R. It felt good to get some sun on this most lovely day. I rode up BaronneĀ  realizing it had actually been a week or two since this particular route in the daytime; I hoped those sunflowers over on Erato would still be in bloom. Continue reading

Sunflowers in a Vacant Lot at Seventh and Laurel

I flew back into New Orleans last night after a quick jaunt to Boise, Idaho to see the parents, and it feels good to be home. I was way too tired to take the bike out yesterday, so I was especially excited to take Rhoda out for a quick spin. We didn’t ride far due to other plans involving a car, but riding around Uptown was a great reminder that I live in a beautiful place and that yes, I love riding bikes–just a couple pedals and I’m back in myself. Continue reading