Broken Toilet and Lone Tree in Front of Blighted Property at Amelia and S. Robertson

Carnival is over, and I have to admit, I’m glad about that. I need to get back to work and besides, my right shoulder hurts from reaching for beads. I rode my bike up to campus for a surprisingly well-attended couple of classes. The ride wasn’t easy, though. Continue reading

Oak Tree and Toilet on Octavia and Chestnut

Oh, it was a beautiful day. Ok, not in terms of weather; we had yet another rainstorm that meant cold and wet riding. But it was beautiful in that way a day is beautiful when you have nothing pressing to do except breathe it in. I rode down to meet a friend for brunch, and then I rode back Uptown for a haircut. I stopped to snap this picture on Octavia and Chestnut. I just love this tree. Oak trees in New Orleans just aren’t like other trees. They are outrageous. Continue reading