Playing Pool at Dauphine & Gov. Nicholls


I didn’t think I would end up riding my bike today. I drove to the suburbs for an errand and then it started to look like I would just spend my day at home with my cats, trying to decide which is better, Ken Burns’s America, or American Experience. But it was the kind of day that demanded a bike ride, so I got on and headed downtown to see friends, because sometimes that’s just what you need. I stopped for dinners and then headed over to S.’s place before we went to the bar to drink a few drinks and play a little pool. I snapped this picture while waiting for R., who we just happened to run into, to make his shot. I like this part of the small town, where you kind of just need to see some friends, so you head out, and that’s what happens. A lovely evening, indeed, topped off with a cafe au lait and some beignets and a bike ride home in the still-cool air. Things could be worse, things could be much worse.